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Video Review

January 3, 2010

A random collection of videos from COP15 that I wanted to document.


A Message to World Leaders from Global Youth

Conference of Youth

Youth at cop 15 slideshow

CCN at COP15 slideshow

CCN Update – COP15 – Day 5

Final Hours

Juan Carlos Speaks for the International Youth Climate Movement

<a href=””>Copenhagen: climate of denied opportunity</a>

International Youth Protest Outside Bella Center


Flash Dance – It’s Getting Hot in Here 1

Flash Dance – It’s Getting Hot in Here 2

US Youth at COP 15 Take Off Clothes to Demand Action

Out in the Cold

Youth Sit-In 1

Youth Sit-In 2

Youth Sit-In 3

Head Shaving

Reclaim Power

Reclaim Power

From the inside the Bella Center

People’s Assembly on the Inside

Reclaim Power
(my host can be seen at 3:30 in – he’s on top of the police van)

Random Clips

Resisting the Police

Undercover cops

Random Clips

Climate Justice Recap

CCN – Protesters on Bridge

Random Clips

Police Beatings

Last Sweep

Americans for Prosperity & Lord Monkton

US Youth Crash Climate Denier Live Webcast in Copenhagen

Original Americans for Prosperity Webcast

Lord Monckton Invades SustainUS Booth – Calls U.S. students “Hitler Youth”

Climate denier Lord Monckton gets pwned!

Misc rap

David Letterman Asks Why Youth Aren’t in the Streets

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