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COP15 in Review

December 27, 2009

Everyone who attending the negotiations is still trying to figure out just what happened in the final hours of the negotiations and what it means as we move forward.

I wanted to document the various articles that I’ve been reading to get a better understanding of the results from COP15.

IGHIH: Understanding Copenhagen – Succinct, simple, comprehensive description of what happened.

5 Fallacies in the Coverage of the Copenhagen Accord – One of the more important articles you can read to clarify what it all means. By clarifying some misconceptions, this article gives an honest assessment of what happened without parroting the rhetoric found in most other articles.

  1. The “Copenhagen Accord” text preempted a better agreement from being adopted at COP15.
  2. The poor countries of the world rejected the Accord.
  3. The Accord came out of an undemocratic backroom deal that minimized the voice of developing nations.
  4. The Accord is a worthless “sham” and failure.
  5. Obama is to blame!

AP: Obama raced clock, chaos, comedy for climate deal – Details the final hours of the talks and the interaction between the US and China.

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  1. Sam Hummel permalink
    December 27, 2009 5:51 am

    Hey Jeremy, thanks for recommending folks check out my piece about 5 mistakes I’ve perceived in the coverage of the Copenhagen Accord. I just thought I’d mention that as this post is currently written, a reader might think you are endorsing the 5 statements listed (statements which I argue are fallacies). It could be read either way, I suppose, so a little clarification would help make sure people read it the way you intended.

    Thanks for blogging about your COP15 experience.

  2. April 11, 2010 11:25 pm

    hi, i agree with hummel’s comment. please make it clearer. mickey

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